GIF OR TAKE is meant to be a timeline showing the everyday life of GIFs. When I was growing up, these GIFs were a common sight on every page I visited. Neopets, Poptropica, forum posts...

I wanted to make it seem like these GIFs had an everyday life, where they'd go to work and such. I even planned to use ads as like "billboards" the GIFs would walk by.

Later on, I wanted to use these ideas and have the focus around one "smiley" emoticon; however, I realized quickly that this would essentially be "demaking" The Emoji Movie.

So instead, I decided to gather GIFs related to parts of an everyday routine to show a "day in the life" timeline using expressive GIFs.

In addition, it's a tribute to the early days of the GIF. GIFs are now mostly used to share memes, movie/show clips, and extremely detailed art. But before the social media boom, GIFs were grainy, full of expression, and distracting at times. But in my opinion, that's what gave them character.

They really have come a long way, and with GIF OR TAKE, I wanted to remind people that GIFs were always amazing, even in the dinosaur days of the internet.